Black Ops Cold War Firebase Z: How To Turn On Power And PaP

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February 8, 2021

Taylor Cole

Taylor Cole

Firebase Z


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Table of Contents

Turning On Power And Unlocking Pack-A-Punch

Turning on the power and unlocking Pack-A-Punch in Black Ops Cold War’s Firebase Z is pretty straightforward. Like Die Maschine, the game will share several prompts detailing where you need to go to complete both of these critical tasks in Firebase Z.

Whether you are someone who is still having trouble with the power stations or are just researching ahead before hopping on Firebase Z, here is our short step-by-step guide on turning on the power and Pack-A-Punch.

  • Go towards the marker on your screen called “Ravenov.” Speak with Ravenov before heading towards the teleporter on the rooftop. You will notice that a depowered Pack-A-Punch machine is stationed by Ravenov’s sealed room.
  • Head up to the rooftop (where the teleporter marker is located) and press the interact button on the portal. You will then be taken to Outpost 25.

Firebase Z

  • Once you enter the base, you will be greeted by Omega Group’s Doctor Peck. The Doctor instructs you to power up three Aether Reactors around the base in exchange for Samantha Maxis (the reactors are located in Mission Control, Data Center, and Military Command).
  • Head to each of these locations on your map and interact with each reactor. After turning on a reactor, it will need to charge and you will need to protect it from zombies.
    • There should be a bar on the left side of your HUD telling you how much the reactor has charged and how much damage the reactor has taken. To charge up the reactor, simply kill zombies around it.
    • Once the charge bar fills up, a discharge will surge throughout the room and give power to that area. It will also kill any remaining zombies in that location. Keep this process up until you turn on all three reactors.
  • So, you’ve turned on all three Aether Reactors and restored power to the entire map. You should be prompted to return to Ravenov. Once you get close enough to Ravenov, the Pack-A-Punch machine will turn on and you can now spend all of your hard-earned points on upgrading your weapon.

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