Black Ops Cold War Firebase Z: Coffin Dance EE Tutorial

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February 9, 2021

Taylor Cole

Taylor Cole


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How To Access The Secret Room And Get Free Juggernog

Like Die Maschine, Black Ops Cold War’s Firebase Z has its own Coffin Dance easter egg. Well, sort of.

You don’t get transported to a room filled with dancing zombies but, Firebase Z’s version of the easter egg still rewards players with a similar chest filled with all sorts of loot ranging from salvage to even the R.A.I. K-84. The chest also contains a lootable Juggernog perk.

Here’s how you can complete this easter egg.

  • Turn on the power and Pack-A-Punch machine by activating all three Aether Reactors. 
  • In the Pack-A-Punch room, run upstairs and take a left. Just before you enter the next room, look to your left. You should see a blue bunny (like the one found on Mystery Box locations).
    • You can either shoot the blue bunny until its head turns or just aim at it until you get the same animation.

Firebase Z

  • You will be teleported to a really dark location. This area is going to be filled with zombies and Mimics but, there’s really no need to shoot them. Run around until you see a purple orb.
  • That purple orb contains another blue bunny. Shoot the bunny until it disappears.

Firebase Z

  • Two other orbs will pop up in this dark room. Once again, just find the orb and shoot the bunny until it disappears. 
  • Once you’ve shot all three orbs, all zombies and Mimics will vanish. You should then see a yellow light somewhere in the area. Run up to it and you’ll discover the chest.
  • Pick up everything you want as soon as humanly possible. That’s because you don’t have much time before you are teleported back. 

This is a pretty easy easter egg to complete and you can possibly get a free wonder weapon out of the deal. And again, one member of your team is guaranteed to receive a free lootable Juggernog.

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