Black Ops Cold War Could Feature Famous Treyarch Zombies Locations

Taylor Cole

Taylor Cole

Black Ops Cold War Zombies

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Notable Call of Duty insider Tom Henderson, formerly known as LongSensation, has revealed more information regarding Treyarch’s Zombies Mode in Black Ops Cold War.

Henderson reports that the first-ever Zombies map, Nacht der Untoten, will return in Black Ops Cold War. However, the location has been taken over by the Russians. The mode will also feature a new crew (RIP Aether) and old WW2 weapons “still remain on the site.” Finally, Henderson claims the player will begin the game armed with a torch until you manage to turn the power on.

The 11-second clip displayed during the Black Ops Cold War multiplayer event didn’t reveal much but it did appear to briefly show the staircase in Nacht covered in graffiti. That clip also highlighted the player in several dark areas holding only a handgun with a flashlight attachment. You have to assume this was done to better emphasize a more horror-centric tone.

Long story short, based on what we know from the 11-second trailer, Henderson’s report could be right on the money.

Furthermore, some people are speculating online that Nacht der Untoten won’t be the only classic Zombies map to return. Fans have compared that zombie-infested room in the teaser trailer to Tranzit’s power room in Black Ops 2. What’s more interesting is that Nacht der Untoten can actually be found in Tranzit.

Tranzit received a mixed reception due to its annoying features like fog, lava, and new enemy types outside of the main play areas. To many, it seemed like the map just had too much going on. So, why would Treyarch want to revisit one of their most controversial maps?

Why Would Treyarch Want To Revisit Tranzit?

Former Treyarch boss Jason Blundell, who left the studio back in February, spoke with the Zombroz Podcast in 2017 about Tranzit’s failures. Essentially, Blundell explained that Tranzit was too ambitious for its own good and that the Zombies Team simply ran out of time.

Even though Blundell is no longer at Treyarch, you would think the studio would like another crack at Tranzit. Especially with today’s technology allowing for more lofty ideas like Treyarch’s original plans for the map.

That said, nothing has been officially confirmed yet so be sure to take all of the rumors and reports online with a grain of salt.

What are your hoping to see from Zombies this year? Are you a fan of Nacht and Tranzit possibly returning? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to check out ModernWarzone on Twitter for the latest Call of Duty news updates.

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