Black Ops Cold War And Warzone Season 3 Reloaded Breakdown

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May 18, 2021

Taylor Cole

Taylor Cole

Black Ops Cold War


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Table of Contents

Black Ops Cold War And Warzone Season 3 Reloaded Adds New Operators, Maps, Modes, And More!

In a Call of Duty blog post, Activision revealed what players can expect from Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 3 Reloaded.

This upcoming update will add new maps, modes, weapons, and more to Black Ops Cold War. For Warzone, Season 3 Reloaded will add a brand-new game type and a few new points of interest throughout Verdansk 1984.

Season 3 Reloaded will also include a limited-time event and 2 new operators from iconic 80s action movies. Here are all the major highlights:

When Does Season 3 Reloaded Go Live?

  • Black Ops Cold War Update – May 19th At 12 AM ET
  • Warzone Update – May 20th At 12 AM ET
  • New Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 3 Reloaded content goes live on May 20th at 12 AM ET

Season 3 Reloaded File Sizes

Black Ops Cold War

  • Xbox One – 8.3 GB
  • Xbox Series X/S – 13.1 GB
  • PlayStation 4 – 7.1 GB
  • PlayStation 5 – 10.3 GB
  • PC – 10.3 GB


(According to the Call of Duty blog post, the Warzone download is larger due to the optimization of data.)

  • Xbox One – 15.2 GB
  • Xbox Series X/S – 15.2 GB
  • PlayStation 4 – 14.6 GB
  • PlayStation 5 – 14.6 GB
  • PC (Warzone) – 14.9 GB
  • PC (Warzone and MW) – 18.1 GB

Rambo And John McClane Operator Bundles (Black Ops Cold War, Warzone, And COD Mobile)

  • John Rambo Operator Bundle (Launch)
    • John Rambo Operator
    • 2 Finishing Moves
    • Legendary Assault Rifle Blueprint
    • Legendary LMG Blueprint
    • Legendary Knife Blueprint
    • Legendary Calling Card
    • Legendary Emblem
    • Epic Watch
    • Epic Charm
    • Available May 20th – June 19th (Black Ops Cold War And Warzone)
  • John McClane Operator Bundle (Launch)
    • John McClane Operator
    • Finishing Move
    • Legendary Tactical Rifle Blueprint
    • 2 Legendary SMG Blueprints
    • Legendary Assault Rifle Blueprint
    • Legendary Calling Card
    • Legendary Emblem
    • Epic Watch
    • Epic Weapon Charm
    • Available May 20th – June 19th (Black Ops Cold War And Warzone)

80s Action Heroes Event

  • Just like the “Hunt For Adler” event, you can earn all sorts of charms, stickers, and Weapon Blueprints by completing objectives in the new “80s Action Heroes” event
  • By completing all 9 Black Ops Cold War challenges, you’ll get a Semi-Auto Tactical Rifle Weapon Blueprint
  • By completing all 9 Warzone challenges, you’ll get a bolt-action Sniper Rifle Weapon Blueprint

New Weapons (Black Ops Cold War And Warzone)

  • Baseball Bat (Melee Weapon) (Launch Week)
  • AMP63 (Full-Auto Pistol) (In-Season)
  • Ballistic Knife (Coming To Warzone)

New Maps (Black Ops Cold War)

  • Standoff (6v6) (Launch)
  • Duga (Multi-Team) (Launch)

New Modes (Black Ops Cold War And Warzone)

  • Die Hardpoint (BOCW) (Launch)
    • The first team to 200 points wins
    • If you capture a Hardpoint, you’ll gain a movement speed boost and set a timer to 30 seconds. If the timer hits 0, you die
    • You can extend the timer by killing enemies. For every elimination earned, you’ll receive 15 seconds to the timer. However, you can only store up to 30 extra seconds at a time
    • If you are on the Hardpoint, the timer will be paused
    • While your team has a Hardpoint, you can earn more buffs by getting eliminations. These buffs include:
      • Weapon Handling
      • ADS Speed
      • Slide Speed
      • Larger Explosion When You Die (Upon getting a 5-kill streak)
  • Rambo’s Gun Game (BOCW) (Available In Week 2)
    • Classic Gun Game but, with some Rambo-inspired additions:
      • Combat Bow
      • War Machine
      • RPG-7
      • Death Machine
    • You will also have a Stim Shot and if you die from a melee attack, falling off the map, or restricted areas, you’ll be dropped down 1 stage in the weapon rotation
  • Multi-Team Elimination (BOCW) (Launch)
    • New mode across the larger maps
    • Multi-Team Elimination will see several teams of 4 attempt to survive expanding radiation zones with limited redeploys and restricted loadouts. By looting, players can find various items including armor plates and redeploy tickets
    • To win, you can either be the last team standing or successfully exfil via chopper during the final safe zone
  • Power Grab (Warzone) (Launch)
    • This new limited-time mode combines battle royale with classic Kill Confirmed
    • Starting circle collapse is smaller and has 5 stages
    • No Gulag
    • To revive your teammates, you can either buy them back or collect Dog Tags
    • You can collect Dog Tags by killing enemies, completing contracts, or even in Supply Crates. However, it’s rare to find Dog Tags in Supply Crates
    • Every time you collect a Dog Tag, you’ll go up a notch in the reward ladder (found on the right side of the HUD). The reward ladder includes:
      • UAV
      • Respawn Token
      • Advanced Gas Masks
      • Specialist Bonuses

Nakatomi Plaza Is Coming To Verdansk 1984

(Be sure to check out the blog post to learn more about the new POIs and all the challenges that can be found at those locations.)

  • Nakatomi Plaza (Launch)
    • Replaces Broadcast Tower in Downtown
  • Survival Camps (Launch)
    • 10 Survival Camps can be found throughout Verdansk 1984
  • CIA Outpost (Launch)
    • Converted Aircraft Hangar

New Black Ops Cold War Zombies Content Includes Outbreak EE And Fishing

  • New Main Story Quest (Outbreak)
  • Orda World Event (Outbreak)
  • New Intel (Outbreak)
  • Fishing (Outbreak)
    • By fishing, you can find Armor Plates, Salvage, Perks, “or even a special surprise”
  • Cranked 2: No Time To Crank (Die Maschine And Firebase Z)
    • You will spawn in with the Combat Knife
    • No Crafting Tables or Wall-Buys
    • All Mystery Box locations are active with more Support Items
    • Zombies will drop more lethal equipment
    • The mode itself works just like the first Cranked zombies mode
  • More Mystery Box Weapons And Weapon Tuning

Other Content (Black Ops Cold War)

  • Combat Bow (Killstreak) (Launch)
  • Action Movie-Inspired Medals (Launch)
  • “Death’s Veil Maxis” Samantha Maxis Bundle (BOCW And Warzone)
    • “Nailed Down” Finishing Move
    • “Death’s Vow” SMG Weapon Blueprint
    • “Death’s Protest” LMG Weapon Blueprint
  • “Tracer Pack: Nuclear Distillery Mastercraft” Bundle (BOCW And Warzone)
    • “Special Batch” Mastercraft Shotgun Weapon Blueprint
    • “Science Project” Mastercraft Assault Rifle Weapon Blueprint

Those are all the major highlights for the upcoming Season 3 Reloaded update. To get the full breakdown of everything in Season 3 Reloaded, be sure to check out the Call of Duty blog post.

Treyarch also recently posted the patch notes for BOCW Season 3 Reloaded. You can find those patch notes here.

For the latest Call of Duty news, be sure to check out ModernWarzone on Twitter.

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