Activision Shares New Details On Black Ops Cold War Outbreak

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February 22, 2021

Taylor Cole

Taylor Cole

Black Ops Cold War


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Table of Contents

Black Ops Cold War Outbreak Overview

In a Call of Duty blog post, Activision shared new details on Black Ops Cold War Outbreak. The post included the following topics:

  • What Is Outbreak?
  • How Does Outbreak Connect To The Dark Aether Story?
  • How To Play
  • Objective Types
  • New Crystal Types
  • New Black Ops Cold War Outbreak Trailer

What Is Outbreak?

Let’s start with how Activision describes the new zombies mode in Black Ops Cold War.

“This objective-based game experience will task squads of up to four Operators with aiding Requiem in their biggest undertaking yet: Operation Threshold. Set across multiple regions in the Ural Mountains of Russia, Outbreak encourages exploration and risk-taking to maximize the spoils of these zombie-infested territories, with teamwork and coordination being essential to completing your missions and living to tell the tale.”

How Does Outbreak Connect To The Dark Aether Story?

Those who completed the main story easter egg for Firebase Z will know that the Requiem team would probably be heading to the Ural Mountains for the next major Aether incursion.

The Call of Duty blog post confirms this, once again stating that Operation Threshold will be the largest outbreak yet.

“Across ‘Die Maschine’ and ‘Firebase Z,’ Requiem learned just how far ahead Omega Group is in their arms race to harvest Aetherium – potentially an even deadlier secret war compared to the public conflict between the East and West.

After several desperate attempts to catch up to their adversaries, the CIA-backed international research group and task force have finally discovered a major breakthrough: the largest Outbreak zone on the planet.

Following this discovery, Requiem launched Operation Threshold, a multi-faceted campaign involving all of Requiem’s research departments. Already, Requiem’s Science and Military Research departments have identified three massive regions in the Outbreak zone to explore and investigate.

Even with this breakthrough, however, Omega Group is still one step ahead of Requiem, as they’ve begun investigating these regions long before Requiem arrived. Both sides not only believe the secrets waiting in the Ural Mountains to hold the key to fully understanding the Dark Aether’s power… it may just be the key to winning the Cold War.”

Black Ops Cold War

How To Play

Moving onto the finer details of Outbreak, this four-player co-op mode will certainly give players a high-risk, high-reward experience. Here’s a basic breakdown of the mode.

  • In Outbreak, your goal is to explore and complete objectives around the map along with helping Requiem complete other objectives.
  • Once an objective is completed, you can either attempt to exfil or stick around to complete more objectives.
    • If you decide to stay, you will enter a Dark Aether rift that will take you to another region of the map.
    • Furthermore, the difficulty will increase if you decide to stay. 
  • The Phase, first seen in Firebase Z, “renders familiar areas deadly and can put previously out-of-bound zones in play.”
  • Players will spawn into a section of the map with their custom class (weapon and Field Upgrade).
  • From there, an objective will appear on the map highlighting Requiem’s primary research objective. This waypoint will also be marked on the mini-map.
  • However, players are free to explore the map as much as they want.
  • Players can earn rewards by discovering:
    • Loot Crates
    • Random Events
    • Trial Computers
    • Jump Pads (will cost 500 Essence)
      • Players can actually use these jump pads to parachute and obtain Essence containers.
  • When you complete a primary objective, a beacon will appear. Once you get to this beacon and activate it, the following machines will spawn in:
    • Crafting Table
    • Arsenal
    • Der Wunderfizz
    • Pack-A-Punch
  • Be sure to complete your main objective. If you fail to complete an objective, your game will end.

Black Ops Cold War

Primary Objective Types

Activision also outlined every potential primary objective, called investigations, found in Outbreak. Here is every possible investigation:

  • Defend
    • Obtain a fully-intact sample of the undead, put the sample in the machine, and defend the machine from all enemies.
  • Escort
    • Protect and escort a rover to its destination.
  • Retrieve
    • Carry two Aetherium Canisters to some rockets.
    • Along with slower movement, you can’t use any weapon or piece of equipment while carrying a canister. 
    • While carrying a canister, you will have a new temporary Field Upgrade that knocks down any zombies near your location. 
  • Eliminate
    • Find High-Value Targets (HVTs) using a satellite tracker.
    • After locating the HVT, players will have two choices.
      • Option #1 – “Dodge the HVT long enough to clearing the ensuing wave of enemies”
      • Option #2 – “Deal enough damage to the HVT to force it to move to the next wave of the fight, which will wipe out the remaining wave.”
  • Holdout
    • You are tasked with destroying an unstable Aether Crystal. In the process of destroying the crystal, you will be sent to the Dark Aether.
    • While in the Dark Aether, hold out and survive until the explosives go off (there will be a timer that shows you how long you have to survive).

Black Ops Cold War

New Black Ops Cold War Zombies Crystal Types

  • Refined Aetherium Crystals
    • Can be used to upgrade skills to Tier IV.
  • Flawless Aetherium Crystals
    • Can be used to upgrade skills to Tier V.

You can obtain these crystals, along with the standard Aetherium Crystals and XP, by exfiltrating in Outbreak.

New Black Ops Cold War Outbreak Trailer

Finally, the publisher unveiled the first official trailer for Outbreak. You can see that down below.

Black Ops Cold War Season 2 launches on February 25th.

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SOURCE: Activision

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